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In today's world, information technology innovation is changing with each passing day, and the wave of information based on digital, network and intelligence is booming. To drive information modernization, the construction of the network power, is the important measures to carry out the four comprehensive strategic layout, is the inevitable choice of the two one hundred years' goals and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream. China is a big manufacturing country, is the Internet country, promoting the manufacturing industry and the Internet integration, is conducive to the formation of superposition effect and aggregation effect, multiplier effect, accelerate the transformation of old and new development of energy and production system, broad prospects and great potential.
With the implementation of China's 2025 national manufacturing strategy, intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing and the depth of the integration of the Internet, cross industry innovation, consumer electronics industry has become the development trend of home appliances. At present, household appliances and consumer electronics companies, Internet companies are in the layout of the smart plough ecosystem, there is no doubt that the wisdom of life is the characteristics of the times.
So in 2017 sixteenth CEE exhibition theme - "the digital world to sense the future 'for the CEE to become the world's science and technology product display window of the future of CEE+ is to build a super arena set trade, media, investment and consumption as one of the better project of government policy, industry, enterprise voice, witness the development trend of the times.
2017 Beijing Consumer Electronics Fair overview
China International Electronic Information Expo (CEE), is the international consumer electronics industry regular meeting by the International Exhibition Co., ltd.. 2016CEE has attracted 300 exhibitors from 36 countries and regions, the world's top 500 enterprises 13, 8 national pavilions, more than 60 thousand professional visitors, the exhibition area of nearly 30000 square meters. Has become Asia's largest consumer electronics show.
2016 fifteenth CEE domestic well-known exhibitors have Meizu technology Qihoo 360, PHILPS, TCL, Hikvision, ZTE, science and technology, capital, information, new shares caused by cloud, Trinidad, science and Technology Department of Shaanxi Province, micro VR, worm, whale music intelligence, Fei Xin Cai photoelectric card, God robot, ATL, soft international etc.
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